Public Register

In accordance with NHS England Guidance the Public Register displays declarations of interest made by our staff. The Declarations section displays a list of recent declarations, which can be filtered and viewed individually.


Total Records: 947
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15/07/2020 - Nicola Smith
Interim Director of Emergency PlanningResilience&Response
Outside Employment
01/04/2020 - Phillipa Harding
Director of Governance
Outside Employment
05/04/2021 - Samantha Durrant
Lay Member (Finance and Performance)
Declarations of Interest – Other
25/01/2021 - Catherine Egan
Head of CHC West
Nil Declaration
01/04/2021 - Marilyn Curtis
Digital Project Manager
Nil Declaration
01/04/2021 - Katie Chipping
Senior Partnership Manager
Nil Declaration
01/04/2021 - Charlie Wood
Programme Director - Diagnostics
Nil Declaration
01/04/2021 - Bridgette Nair
Resilience Senior Manager
Nil Declaration
01/04/2021 - Isobel Hanney
Assistant Head of Primary Care West Sussex
Nil Declaration
30/03/2021 - Pamela Hobbs
Interim Deputy Director of Finance
Nil Declaration
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Civica Declare Version 5.2



You can filter the interest declaration records by a combination of interest type, job role, value, period, and keyword. The keyword field compares the string you enter to both the full name of the staff member associated with the declaration as well as the description. Note that when filtering by 'Total to date' all interests that are continuous by nature will be returned against every search.

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